Enable Debug mode for hive in Ambari

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Enable Debug mode for hive in Ambari

Category : Hive

Many time we see that during troubleshoot we do not find much information if we are just default logger. So no worries I will help you to guide how to enable debug mode in logs or on your console.

Case 1: Use the following command to start hive: Set follwoing property to turn on debug mode on console. 
hive -hiveconf hive.root.logger=ALL,console
It will log all messages to console.

Case 2: In case if you want to write you log in log file only for each and every steps which user or job does then you can use following process.

  • Login to Ambari portal and click on Hive service.
  • Goto config and search for hive.root.logger string in search box.
  • Once you will then you need to change default value(hive.root.logger=INFO,DFRA) to hive.root.logger=DEBUG,DFRA

Note: It may fill your log dir soon so please keep deleting old file or keep maintain log dir.


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