Solr FAQ

1.How to add a datanode to an existing Solr instance ?

Ans: In order to add a datanode to an existing Solr instance, you would first create a solr home directory and then point the server to the correct zookeeper host.

  1. mkdir <solr.home for the new solr node>
  2. cp <existing solr.xml path> <new solr.home>                [Note: the solr.xml file is located in the conf/ directory]
  3. bin/solr start -cloud -s solr.home/solr -p <port num> -z <zk hosts string>

2. How does Indexing work in Solr ?

Ans: Once Solr receives a document for indexing, following are the stages that it goes through:

  1. Using the ‘Solr Sharding Algorithm’ a Shard is determined to send the new Document.
  2. The Document then gets forwarded to the ‘Shard Leader’ and it is assigned with a version.
  3. The Shard Leader creates indexes for the document and forwards the document Asynchronously to all Replicas of the Shard.

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