Run Pig Script in Nifi

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Run Pig Script in Nifi

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NiFi can interface directly with Hive, HDFS, HBase, Flume and Phoenix. And I can also trigger Spark and Flink through Kafka and Site-To-Site. Sometimes I need to run some Pig scripts. Apache Pig is very stable and has a lot of functions and tools that make for some smart processing. You can easily augment and add this piece to a larger pipeline or part of the process.

Pig Setup

I like to use Ambari to install the HDP 2.5 clients on my NiFi box to have access to all the tools I may need.

Then I can just do:

$ yum install pig




We call a shell script that wraps the Pig script.

Output of script is stored to HDFS: hdfs dfs -ls /nifi-logs

Shell Script

$ export JAVA_HOME=/opt/jdk1.8.0_101/

$ pig x local l /tmp/pig.log f /opt/demo/pigscripts/test.pig

You can run in different Pig modes like local, mapreduce and tez. You can also pass in parameters or the script.

Pig Script

messages = LOAD ‘/opt/demo/HDF/centos7/tars/nifi/nifi-’;

warns = FILTER messages BY $0 MATCHES ‘.*WARN+.*’;

DUMP warns

store warns into ‘warns.out’

This is a basic example from the internet, with the NIFI 1.0 log used as the source.

As an aside, I run a daily script with the schedule 1 * * * * ? to clean up my logs.

Simply: /bin/rm -rf /opt/demo/HDF/centos7/tars/nifi/nifi-*2016*


Hadoop Configuration: /etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml

Pick a directory and store away.


HadoopVersionPigVersionUserIdStartedAtFinishedAtFeatures 19:53:5720161103 19:53:59FILTER


Job Stats (time in seconds):




Successfully read 30469 records from: “/opt/demo/HDF/centos7/tars/nifi/nifi-”


Successfully stored 1347 records in: “file:/tmp/temp1540654561/tmp-600070101”


Total records written : 1347

Total bytes written : 0

Spillable Memory Manager spill count : 0

Total bags proactively spilled: 0

Total records proactively spilled: 0

Job DAG:



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