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Unable to initialize Falcon Client object. Cause : Could not authenticate, Authentication failed

If you upgrade to or install HDP 2.5.0 or later without first installing the Berkeley DB file, you will get the error “Unable to initialize Falcon Client object. Cause : Could not authenticate, Authentication failed” or 

HTTP ERROR: 503 Problem accessing /index.html. Reason: SERVICE_UNAVAILABL or 

Falcon UI is unavailable. From Falcon logs: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.falcon.FalconException: Unable to get instance for org.apache.falcon.atlas.service.AtlasService



Steps :

1.Download the required Berkeley DB implementation file.

wget –O je-5.0.73.jar

2. Log in to the Ambari server with administrator – root

3. Copy the file to the Ambari server share folder.

cp je-5.0.73.jar /usr/share/

4. Set permissions on the file to owner=read/write, group=read, other=read.

chmod 644 /usr/share/je-5.0.73.jar

5. Configure the Ambari server to use the Berkeley DB driver.

ambari-server setup --jdbc-db=bdb --jdbc-driver=/usr/share/je-5.0.73.jar

6. Restart the Ambari server.ambari-server restart

7. Restart the Falcon service from the Ambari UI.You need to have administrator privileges in Ambari to restart a service.

8. In the Ambari web UI, click the Services tab and select the Falcon service in the left Services pane.From the Falcon Summary page, click Service Actions > Restart All.Click Confirm Restart All.

When the service is available, the Falcon status displays as Started on the Summary page.

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Falcon MQ log files location

Sometime we see that falcon use 90-100% of / space like showing in following example.

[user1@server localhost]$ du -sh /hadoop/falcon/hadoop/falcon/embeddedmq/data/localhost/KahaDB

67M     /hadoop/falcon/hadoop/falcon/embeddedmq/data/localhost/KahaDB

[users1@server localhost]$ du -sh /hadoop/falcon/embeddedmq/data/localhost/KahaDB/

849M   /hadoop/falcon/embeddedmq/data/localhost/KahaDB/

This is because we have installed falcon in embedded mode and we have set to that location. Falcon server starts embedded active mq whenever we start falcon. But Ideally it should not fill this dir as once any feed or process instate immediately it will get clean.

To fix this issue we need to change dir with the help of following steps.

1. Stop Falcon Service from Ambari.

2. Copy /hadoop/falcon to new patition /lowes/ and correct the ownership. cp -r /hadoop/falcon /lowes/; chown -R falcon:hadoop /lowes/falcon/*

3. Change the following falcon configuration to point to new location.

   a. Falcon data directory(/hadoop/falcon to /lowes/falcon) and Falcon store URI under Falcon Server

   b. *, *.falcon.graph.serialize.path and * under Falcon

  c. under Advanced falcon-env

4. Start Falcon service from Ambari.

I hope this will help you to serve your purpose.